Shebandowan Mine

Complete Decommissioning of the Shebandowan Mine, Shebandowan, Ontario

In the fall of 2003, Denison Environmental Services (DES) was awarded the decommissioning of the Shebandowan Mine Mill Complex in Shebandowan approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario. This project included the removal of all hazardous material, the demolition of all structures, the recovery of recyclables and remaining assets and the final cleanup of contaminated soils. The high structures constructed of massive steel members required careful planning and good management to bring them down safely and efficiently.

The Mill produced a significant amount of steel for recycling and only a relatively small amount of demolition debris reached the on site landfill.

By December the demolition was completed and the cleanup phase had just begun when operations had to be suspended due to winter conditions. Our team returned in the spring of 2004 to complete the final cleanup, site landscaping and vegetation.