Aunor Mine

Decommissioning of the Aunor Mine, Timmins, Ontario
Client: Kinross Gold Corporation

In the fall of 2000, Denison Environmental Services (DES) was awarded the project to decommission the former Aunor mine and town site. This included asset removal, demolition and site grading of:

  • An office / warehouse building,
  • an oil shed,
  • a hoist room,
  • a head frame,
  • a water tower,
  • a garage shell,
  • other remaining foundations at the mine site; and
  • eight houses and three car garages in the town site.

The mine opening was also capped.

Within a month most of the major demolition and cleanup at the mine and town sites had been completed.

On September 9th the head frame and water tower were toppled.

DES seeded and completed the site that fall and returned to fertilize the area again the following year.

This is an excellent example of ongoing remediation that eliminates hazards and improves the local environment.